When The ICBC Uses Investigators To Conduct Witness Interviews

Once your claim has exceeded a certain expected value, it will be classified large exposure claim in the ICBC’s filing system. What this means is that the ICBC will now become more aggressive when it comes to finding a reason to deny your claim. After all, they do not want to miss out any additional profit. Only your ICBC lawyers in Penticton can help you get the maximum amount as claim damages.
When The ICBC Begins To Pry Into Your Private Life
There are multiple ways in which the ICBC may pry into your private life. And it all starts with them hiring a private investigator. This investigator will be legally allowed to follow you around and gather video surveillance footage of you. But not just that, they will also try to conduct research on your personal history.
This can be done by making rounds through your neighborhood, knocking on people’s doors, and asking them whether they have seen you go for a jog, renovate your home, or do extensive garden work which may be suspicious given the supposed severity of your injury. However, it doesn’t just stop there. They are also free to question your employer, prior or current, in order to gather information that may support them in their efforts to decrease the value of your claim.

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They will also look for individual witnesses from your private life who have known you before and after the accident. By questioning them, they are hoping to gather evidence which suggests that your quality of life has not been diminished by the accident.
Rights Of The Witnesses
While the ICBC’s investigator is free to question pretty much everyone, none of the witnesses are actually required to answer or even listen to the investigator. That is, unless the investigator can present them with a valid court order. Even if they are willing to conduct the interview, they do not have to agree to doing it in a face to face or over the phone conversation. They can ask to the do it in writing as a way of avoiding miscommunication or misinterpretation, i.e. pieces of answers taken out of context, unluckily phrased answers. Requesting a written interview is also a great way of discouraging an investigator from further pursuing you, since they rarely want to conduct their interviews in this way.
Your Rights As The Claimant
If an investigator asks for authorization, always say no, even if that will not legally stop them from continuing on. It is best to let your lawyer handle the dealings with the Car Accident Lawyer Surrey and the insurance company.