Learn more about Vehicle Speeding with the Personal Injury Lawyer in Peterborough

Too fast-moving vehicles may cause a collision and there may be injuries to passengers and the driver as the personal injury lawyer in Peterborough finds. The smallest speed increase makes a huge difference between avoiding any crash or someone seriously killed or hurt. Cars driving at a high speed find it difficult to stop, so it takes longer. Hard force of collision signifies an increased chance of fatalities and injuries. A study shows that cars going over 100 mph will stop at around 182 meters upon the application of brakes. 

According to the personal injury lawyer, the police identify speeding as the contributory fact for 11 deaths and serious injury as per the average daily as per the analysis of braking. When making the injury claims, the speed of cars involved in the crash helps to determine the party at fault. 

Situations when the defendant is speeding 

When the speeding defendant injures a person, it works as persuasive evidence blaming them for the accident and the injuries sustained by the claimant. The severity of the injuries of the claimant and the collision itself was the result of speeding by the defendant. The personal injury lawyer in Oshawa helps to determine whether the defendant was going at a higher speed than was safe. They use evidence to establish that the defendant was the one speeding and that led to the crash and related injuries. Evidence includes a police report, witness statements, footage from dash camera, at-the-scene photos, electronic data, and skid marks from the vehicle. 

Based on the severity of the injuries suffered by the victim and the liability of the defendant, making the injury claims and instructing collision investigators is important. This according to the personal injury attorney in Bolton helps to report on possible vehicle speed and the party at fault based on this. It works as a good negotiation tool and the judge considers this when the claim goes to trial. 

Speeding claimants 

Before the crash, the victim was speeding so some blame for the accident resides with them too. The defendant driver pulled on the roadside and the other driver was in the path and this led to the collision. In such a scenario, the judge considers the reason for the action of both the parties involved in the crash. This leads to the blame on both parties. When the defendant fails to give the way and pulls from the junction leading to the crash the liability of the collision resides on them as the personal injury attorney in Bolton explains to the client. 

The claimant speeding will incur some deduction from the compensation amounts received as part of the contributory negligence.